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Creatively Simple Websites
Creatively Simple Websites
Here is your Mini Webby Moment for today, 9th May:

Does your social media reference your website ? Does your website include all your social media links ? In short – are you consistent ?!

Consistency is a really good thing - it gives a message of professionalism and a feeling of balance, dependability and harmony………

It’s a part of your brand image – I think I will touch more on this in a future MWM …………..

If you need some assistance with linking up website to social media (and vice-versa !), do get in touch !
Creatively Simple Websites
Creatively Simple Websites
MWM of 26th April:
So here we go for MWM this week:

I think we can safely say Spring is here (I would say Summer had arrived last week !) and for many of us, it’s a busy period with Open Studios and exhibitions…..

Make sure all your shows, exhibitions and any new work are on your website !

And make sure all your social media is also full of the details – dates, postcodes, times etc.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use your mailing list and send out updates (you can also ensure they still want to be emailed at the same time which is good practice with the new Data Protection law imminent). A recent workshop I attended suggested that your mailing list was the best marketing tool that you have……………………
Creatively Simple Websites
Creatively Simple Websites
MWM of 11th April:

Three short Moments :

1. There was a WordPress update since I last updated, please make sure you do a backup of your site and then install it, along with any plugin and theme updates (there is an update to Wordpress 2017 theme if you are using that one).

2. Would you like a website review with me ? A chat over the phone to make sure you are happy with your website and check for any tweaks you can do ?
This is free of charge. Just let me know and we can slot a time in (UK only)

3. A social media reminder – use the heart emoji rather than the like emoji now – Facebook takes more notice. And you have to like other people’s pages and comment on their posts for the process to work. It’s about sharing the love (seriously !).
Creatively Simple Websites
Creatively Simple Websites
MWM of 27th March (better late than never !):
With the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming in on 25th May, this is a must-read – many thanks to Be Smart About Art (again !)